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17 Aug 2020

Take the mediation route before heading off to court ……

Mediation is a well-recognised and effective form of dispute resolution as well as a far more cost and time sensitive option to litigation.
Following international trends South Africa has a draft rule which is in the process of being approved to ensure that before any matters are referred to court, they are mediated first to ensure there is the necessity.
At a time when our courts are filled- to- capacity and legal fees are sky high it makes sense to use an alternative such as this.
Dispute resolution covers and incorporates: -
Adjudication, Mediation and Arbitration and are all proven to be especially effective for Labour matters, Contractual matters as well as construction related disputes.
All cases can be heard face to face or simply by presentation of the claim and the related paperwork.
The outcome can be made binding on both parties and witnesses can be called if pertinent to the case.
The most attractive aspects of this is that the mediators, and arbitrators who are nominated and appointed are experts in their fields and not just legal professionals and are therefore qualified to apply their minds to the nature of the matter on hand.
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