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01 Jul 2020

Sometimes it’s easy to know where we want to be, but how to get there seems to be the stumbling block.

This morning, as I was planning a routine trip to site in Woodmead, I looked at Google Maps to see the traffic.
I was offered my normal 15 minute route by car, but there were other options offered to me. Even though my destination was the same, the complexity, mode of transport, and time required were over complicated.
It reminded me of my own 5 year plan. It’s one thing to know where I want to be, but it’s something completely different to know how to get there.
Small businesses are exactly the same. The goal is often “be successful”, but how do you define success? How will you get there? Do you have medium-term goals?
We offer a service called “Business Development Systems” where we can help you and your business define the unknowns, make plans and discover how to utilise your time and talent to your best advantage.
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