We have a range of services backed by qualified and experienced professionals who understand contracting, these include: -

  • Construction business management services, specifically the implementation of systemisation and procedures in the day to day administration.

  • Hands on assistance with standard contracts such as JBCC, FIDIC, NEC (understanding how these can work for you).
  • Construction contract and claims consulting which includes: -

    • Assistance with strategies to win your claims.
    • Guidance to ensure the relevant notifications are communicated correctly and timeously.
    • Ensuring extension of time claims with costs are granted.
    • Preparation of back up and supporting documentation for payment of extras and change orders.
    • Understanding your rights and how to use the contract to protect these.

construction workers
The positives of having our specialist on your side are –

  • To avoid unnecessary conflict during and at the end of the project.
  • To be able to concentrate on the completion of a successful contract knowing the legal side is taken care of.
  • Understanding up front when signing any contract what your rights and responsibilities are.
  • A step-by-step guide to administering the contract to limit and manage the potential risks.


Having a happy and safe work environment creates a productive and efficient workforce. Our human resources and their well being is the most important asset a company can have.

The regulations form an important part of looking after the safety of our people and if not complied with, the management /owners / responsible persons could be held liable and face criminal charges.

We assist with the compliance side of the regulations to ensure that this is adhered to by: -

  • Preparation of safety files that comply with the relevant OHS regulations in the sector of operation.
  • Prepare and initiate, safety specifications for the client or developer which forms the base line requirement for contractors.
  • Safety audits and monthly reports in the area of operation.

The positives of having our specialists involved are –

  • To reduce potential stoppages due to non-compliance and unsafe acts.
  • Reduce absenteeism due to accidents and to increase morale on site as a result of safer working practices.
  • Peace of mind that wherever your operations are you are covered.

Our teams have worked locally, nationally and throughout Africa. We have specialists in construction, oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy sectors.


The management of all pipeline projects which takes into account the following: -
  • Project management services – from inception to completion.
  • Construction management services for overland and in plant pipelines.
  • Design management of pipelines and a pipeline constructability analysis.
  • Solutions and pipeline methodology statements for difficult terrain and obstacle crossings.
  • Pipeline financial modelling, budgets, and detailed costing of pipeline projects.
  • Material procurement.
  • Quality management and quality control throughout the construction process.
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