In the rapidly changing world of construction and development it is necessary to remain relevant and competitive. We are therefore affiliated with a number of bodies and aligned with new technology and techniques within this field:

  • Green Building Council of South Africa
  • Project management institute of SA
  • Association of Arbitrators
  • AFSA
  • And various others

Projects include:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Lifestyle estates

A typical project plan in summary:

  • Set up and preparation
  • Designs
  • Specialist details identified
  • Budgets finalised
  • Tender process / negotiate with contractors
  • All contracts signed
  • Site handover
  • Construction work commencement

We have a hands on approach and work closely with developers who want to maximise their returns on pockets of land
Co-ordinating all legislative requirements with councils, government and specialist bodies
Creating robust strategies for the project management process
Assessing the risks and providing outcomes-based steps for the project team
Auditioning the professional team in order to find the best fit for the project
Providing support and controlling functions for the team
Maximising the project viability
Monitoring the project program
Constant quality control and assessment


Yes, this truly is an investment in your project, your vision and your time.

The value we add will give you the opportunity to continue with your day-to-day activities and not have to be fully immersed in the project. You choose how much or how little you want to participate. Although you may choose to work at arm’s length you will be copied in on all relevant meetings and correspondence.

The close monitoring of your budget and constant negotiations will ensure that maximum value is achieved (more bang for your buck). So, based on this, we tailor make the scope of works to your needs and accordingly the related fee. Once fees are agreed this becomes part of your managed budget.


Cost effective solutions to conflicts
Case and document preparation for any cases
Expert reports
Expert evidence for construction and contract specific cases
Labour consultation

  • Preparation of contracts
  • Chairing of internal labour matters
  • CCMA guidelines and preparation
  • General advice for employers and employees


Looking at your building with the future in mind

  • Energy efficiency as legislated
  • Efficiency related to sustainability
  • Systemising maintenance functions for longevity

Looking specifically at lighting, heating, cooling and recycling for new and existing buildings.

Reducing your carbon footprint and operating costs.


Individual residential, commercial or industrial buildings: -

  • Due diligence purposes prior to purchase
  • Shareholder feedback and reports
  • Formulation of maintenance systems
  • Maximisation & growth opportunities

For Sectional title and Cluster developments

In terms of the sectional titles act as governed by CSOS it is a requirement for all Body Corporates to have a 10-year maintenance plan in place.

We come onto your site with a full team to inspect, assess and provide the full range of information in order to compile a comprehensive plan of action with the facts, figures and guidelines to assist the trustees to manage the process effectively and with due diligence.
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